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Managed Leadership Development Programme (MLDP)

Managing Performance

A highly personal change programme for people who need to be more effective leaders. Your business could be better if the leaders in it were more confident, more clear about their roles, more skilled at leading their people and more innovative. This is an intensive personal change programme that can shift individual skills and confidence significantly.

Getting leaders to change the things they do & the way they interact with their organisation is possible but difficult. All leadership training should result in change; it should be focused on creating realistic ways for people to recognise & apply their own potential rather than trying to be what they are not. It is not about trying to create a one-size-fits-all leadership profile but about helping leaders to fulfil their roles using their own strengths, abilities & styles.

The Managed Leader Development Programme creates heightened self-awareness through the use of group coaching, personal feedback from the coaches and from people in your business to accelerate personal change and growth.

Core skills that we look at on this programme include building confidence, making the decision to lead your team, building assertiveness & dealing with conflict. We develop the important knowledge that managers have the right to expect performance. They also have the duty to provide the tools &the environment to make it happen.


  • I attended a Managed Leadership Development Programme run by LEAD Training Services.  The coaching programme was intended to assist prospects into analysing our inner selves, pursuing to develop our strengths and abilities towards becoming more effective leaders.

    The coaching facilitators were conducive in assisting us towards our goal.  The setting of the sessions which spanned four months were also favourable to the discussions and debates apart also from the small group of participants.

    A positive outcome at the end of the programme ensued when participants displayed their progress across the programme to an audience that comprised the programme facilitator, participants, trusted friends/partners and Line Managers.

    Anna Cutajar Paris,
    Manager Complaints Unit, Malta Financial Services Authority

Who We Are

We are a team of specialists passionate about our work and with a common ambition to share learning experiences with people in the business community and civil society.

Under the brand name LEAD Training Services, our team has attracted an impressive pool of professional trainers from different areas of business.

This makes us the only professional training organisation in Malta that can offer cutting edge training programmes across a broad spectrum of topics. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all training programmes and in line with our belief we customise our programmes to our individual customer’s needs.

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Posted on: Monday, February 25th, 2019

On the 7th February 2019, LEAD Training Services organised its annual award ceremony. This annual event was held at the Xara Lodge in Rabat.

A total of 343 students who successfully completed an accredited CPD Award course during the year 2018 were invited for this ceremony in order to be officially presented with the CPD Award Certificate.

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