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Real Estate Agent Professional Award

MQF Level 5 CPD Award
Starting: 17th January 2020

Real estate has developed into a successful but complex industry in Malta and the days when everyone could decide to act as a real estate agent without the necessary knowledge and professionalism are long gone. This qualification will provide participants with the basic professional knowledge and competencies to provide a professional service to the parties involved in a real estate transaction (buying/selling/letting).

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Target Audience

This award is ideal for individuals seeking to become a professional real estate agent and obtain the applicable licence to act as such as proposed in the White Paper entitled “Malta’s Property Code and Regulations”.

Accreditation and MQF level

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A CPD Award accredited with 9 ECTS credits (MQF Level 5) by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) in Real Estate will be presented to delegates who successfully attend the course and obtain a minimum pass in a final 1 hour oral assessment (25% of aggregate mark), in-class group case study assessments (25% of aggregate mark) and a final overall 3 hour written examination (50% of aggregate mark).

Course Duration and Examination Dates

9 Modules spread over 18 evening sessions (17:00 till 19:30) from January till May 2020.

Entry requirements

A minimum of four ‘O’ Levels which must include Maths and English OR a minimum of 3 years’ experience working in sales or business development.

Overall Course Objectives

  • Understand principles essential for the understanding the economic problem, specific economic issues, and policy alternatives
  • Learn about the evolution of the real estate market in Malta and its economic impact on the Maltese economy
  • Describe the different categories and types of properties in Malta
  • Achieve fundamental knowledge of laws and regulations governing real estate in Malta and advise clients accordingly
  • Gather comprehensive knowledge of the obligations of the Real Estate Agent as a subject person arising out of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act
  • Obtain basic knowledge on the sources of finance available to clients and procedures related thereto
  • Achieve knowledge of the Data Protection Act and its implications when recording customer data and processing identification documents
  • Apply fundamental economic principles in practical reasoning and decision making
  • Recommend investments based on sound financial investment
  • appraisal techniques and calculations
  • Interpret structural construction drawings, notes, schedules, specifications and details
  • Advice clients on basic return on investment and taxation impact assessments on relevant property transfers
  • Coordinate efficiently notarial matters and meetings such as for promise of sales and property transfer contracts
  • Escalate money laundering suspicious transactions reports in a proper manner, and using a risk-based approach to customers and transactions
  • Research, analyse and synthesise data, markets and trends to produce a valuation report of different types of properties
  • Managing property negotiations and close sales efficiently
  • Describe the function of government institutions governing and regulating real estate in Malta
  • Matching client’s accurate needs with the corresponding ideal properties on the market
  • Consulting clients on how to present their property on the market
  • Liaising and communicating effectively with architects, notaries and other related professionals within the real estate sector
  • Provide professional customer service before, during and after a transaction.


Tower Training Centre
Lower Ground Floor, Tower Business Centre, Tower Street, Swatar, Malta. (view map)

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  • I would like to say that the course was very informative. The subjects chosen were gave us a good understanding, not only regarding Real Estate, but also the financial, and legal aspects. Also including AML and GDPR.
    Liz Apap-Bologna,
    October 2018
  • After working for 15 years in the catering industry I felt a change was needed. Finding a job was getting harder everyday but with the help of LEAD Training Services I managed to get qualified and switch my career. I would recommend LEAD Training Services to anyone who wants to switch or improve career. They are amazing!
    Glenn Camilleri,
    February 2017

Course Funding Options

For Individuals

    Candidates can benefit from a 70% rebate of the course fee via tax credit. Get Qualified is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry.

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    Eligible candidates satisyfing a list of criteria can benefit from a 75% rebate on direct training cost.

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