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Taking MS Word beyond ECDL

Target audience

The target groups are students and adults who are highly motivated to pursue further studies and to extend their knowledge of MS Word.


This bespoke programme can be provided either at our training centre or at the client’s premises. Laptops can be provided by us at an extra charge.


6.5 Hours

Overall course objectives

  • Know how to use MS Word text wrapping options for graphical objects like pictures, charts, diagrams, drawn objects)
  • Know how to use find and replace option tool for font formats, paragraph formats & marks, page breaks, etc.
  • Know how to use line spacing across the document (fixed/exactly/at least)
  • Know how to use paragraph pagination options and paragraph styles
  • Understand outline numbering in multi-level lists.
  • Understand MS Office’s ribbon environment and how to use it efficiently;
  • Understand how to create, modify and update columns, change column width, spacing
  • Understand how to insert or delete a column break
  • Know how to merge, split cells in a table
  • Know how to change cell margins, alignment, text direction
  • Know how to sort data by columns (either one or multiple columns at the same time)
  • Know how to convert delimited text to a table and how to convert a table to text
  • Know how to add, delete and change captions above or below a graphical object or table.
  • Know how to insert and modify footnotes and endnotes and to convert them
  • Be familiar with table of content and table of figures
  • Know how to create and update an index based on marked index entries.
  • Be familiar with cross-referencing
  • Be familiar with fields (author, file name, file size, etc.)
  • Know how to insert formula field code in a table and to change field number format
  • Know how to lock, unlock or update a field.
  • Be familiar with forms, form field options (text field, check box, drop-down menu, visible on status bar, protection) and templates
  • Be familiar with hyperlinks and how to link and embed data
  • Understand automatic text formatting options, text correction entries, automatic text entries
  • Be familiar with recording and running macros
  • Be familiar with changes and how to track, accept or reject them
  • Be familiar with comments/notes
  • Be familiar with master documents and sub documents
  • Be familiar with document protection and watermarks

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We are a team of specialists passionate about our work and with a common ambition to share learning experiences with people in the business community and civil society.

Under the brand name LEAD Training Services, our team has attracted an impressive pool of professional trainers from different areas of business.

This makes us the only professional training organisation in Malta that can offer cutting edge training programmes across a broad spectrum of topics. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all training programmes and in line with our belief we customise our programmes to our individual customer’s needs.

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Posted on: Monday, February 25th, 2019

On the 7th February 2019, LEAD Training Services organised its annual award ceremony. This annual event was held at the Xara Lodge in Rabat.

A total of 343 students who successfully completed an accredited CPD Award course during the year 2018 were invited for this ceremony in order to be officially presented with the CPD Award Certificate.

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