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Award in Human Resources & People Management

MQF/EQF Level 5 CPD Award
Starting: 25th July 2024

LEAD Training Services has designed the Award in Human Resources & People Management short course CPD Award Qualification to assist participants in gaining a solid foundation in Human Resources and People Management matters.

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Business Professionals who already work in HR or aspire to make a career move within HR. It is the ideal course for individuals who want to gain an introductory qualification to kick start a career in HR and also for those who already work in HR and would like to nurture their career and update their knowledge with the latest developments and best practice in HR and People Management. It is also ideal for those individuals seeking further CPD professional learning development training.

Accreditation and MQF level

The accreditation status of this programme is a ‘‘Higher Education Programme’’. A CPD Award accredited with 4 ECTS credits (MQF/EQF Level 5) by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) in HR and People Management will be presented to delegates who obtain a minimum pass in the relative assignment.

Target Audience

Business Professionals who already work in HR or aspire to make a career move within HR.

It is the ideal course for individuals who want to gain an introductory qualification to kick start a career in HR and also for those who already work in HR and would like to nurture their career and update their knowledge with the latest developments and best practice in HR and People Management.

  • HR Personnel
  • Administrative Staff
  • Managers
  • Apprentices

Entry requirements

  • Minimum of 2 A Levels and 5 O levels OR a minimum of 3 years’ experience working within office administration (private or public) organisation.
  • This course welcomes individuals from the legal age of 18 onwards.

Duration and Mode of Attendance

This part-time course is made up of 8 evening sessions which are spread over a period of 8 weeks as live online webinars.

Course Delivery Mode – Live Webinars

This course will be delivered via live online webinars.  The course trainers will be visible on screen via a professional webinar platform through which students can follow the trainer presenting live whilst also using a PowerPoint presentation and sharing other resources as necessary.  Students will be able to interact with the trainer by sending questions or comments through the same webinar platform.  Our student support team will assist all students with simple instructions on how to access the webinar online.  A support line will also be made available to communicate with a student support officer in case of technical difficulties encountered during the live webinar.

All webinars will also be recorded and uploaded on the student online resources portal for future reference during home study.  Trainers will also dedicate very regular Q & A times during the webinar to ensure all students can have the chance to ask questions and reach the intended learning objectives.  The email and contact details of the trainer will also be made available in case students would wish to get in touch with the trainer throughout the course period.

Short 10 minute breaks will be given during the webinar.

How You’ll Learn

This course will be delivered via live online webinars.  The course trainers will be visible on screen via a professional webinar platform, through which students can follow the trainer presenting live, whilst also using a PowerPoint presentation and sharing other resources as necessary.

Students will be able to interact with the trainer by sending questions or comments through the same webinar platform.

The course will also make use of:

  • Online Presentations
  • Video Lecturing;
  • Q&A via online course forum;
  • Online Q&A with Educator (Trainer).

The above are considered to be contact hours as all of the above will be under control of the instructor.

Method of Assessment

At the end of the course, students will be assessed by two assessment methods:

75% of final grade: Written Assignment with practical case study questions of no longer than 3,000 words

25% of final grade: Oral Exam

Students will be presented with the written assignment questions, where students have four or five questions and need to choose three. Students need to submit the written assignment as per the submission date on the assignment questions document provided. The oral exam date will be communicated with each student.

Grading: The assignment questions will be corrected and students must achieve a pass mark of at least 50 marks, in order to be given a certification.

Language of Course Instruction & Course Materials

The course materials and the live webinars are in English.

Course Dates

Modules Dates Time
Module 1: Precision Performance Management 25/07, 01/08 17:30 – 20:30
Module 2: Human Resources Auditing 08/08, 22/08 17:30 – 20:30
Module 3: Legal Matters in HR Management 29/08, 05/09 17:30 – 20:30
Module 4: Precision Interviewing Skills 12/09, 19/09 17:30 – 20:30

Please note that as per terms and conditions, LEAD Training Services reserves the right to alter course dates, times and venue in exceptional circumstances beyond its control.

Total Hours of Learning

This is an accredited course, which requires students to commit themselves and to be responsible for their own studies. Below is a suggested guideline of the number of hours each student should dedicate to self-studying and preparing for the final written assignment.

Total Course Contact Hours
(Live Online Webinars)
Total Course Suggested Self-Study Hours
(reading for interest & further knowledge)
Total Course Supervised Placement and Practice Hours
(Work placement supervision)
Total Course Suggested Assessment Hours
(Take home assignment)

Course Outline



  • Although the course was online, all lecturers were able to include student participation and group workshops during sessions. I would recommend this course to anyone working or thinking of taking up a role in the sector.
    D. Saliba (December 2022)
  • This course was very interesting, informative and very helpful for my job and I learnt a lot from it. It was very to the point, logical, well-structured and well researched. I also feel that it increased my competences. All the sessions were insightful and the lecturers were really knowledgable and expertise in their field. Thank you.
    D. Pisani (October 2021)
  • Nice institute, well organised teaching style, enjoyable and understandable on line classes. It is indeed LEAD Training Services.
    A. Catania (June 2021)
  • I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the assistance, and immediate replies to any queries I submitted, prior the course commencement, during and after the course.In addition, the course covered an extensive amount of information in relation to the topic. I would also like to state that all modules were interesting and informative and the lecturers were knowledgeable of the subject they delivered.
    L. Camilleri (October 2020)
  • This is my second course with Lead Training Services and I do not hesitate to recommend this educational institution to anybody who is keen on having a good learning experience both on line or face to face. The lecturers, Maltese and foreigners are brilliant in their field of expertise and frequently pose challenging questions to make sure everyone is on board. The material supplied is contemporary and always delivered on time by the efficient staff at Lead. Training at Lead is Rewarding and Enjoyable. Thanks Lead, for delivering courses of such a high standard!
    A. Sciberras (October 2020)
  • Great experience. Professional and most of all superb lectures. Thanks!
    R. Fenech (October 2020)
  • I highly recommend LEAD for their professionalism in conducting the course which I took (HR & People Managment) and a big thanks also to their highly qualified tutors. It surely helped me in changing my career path.
    S. J. Buhagiar (April 2019)
  • The Award in HR & People Management course is really good especially for those individuals who would like to progress further in the line of HR. The structure of the course and the content of the sessions are all useful and impactful. What I mostly liked about this course is that students were given the opportunity to bring forward real examples from their companies and apply it to specific scenarios tackled throughout the sessions.Keep it up Lead!
    R. Sultana
    KPMG Malta (January 2019)
  • I had no working experience in HR before enrolling for this course. I wanted to get a very good introduction of the HR industry and the course did not disappoint.The trainers were brilliant and all of them delivered practical and high quality material. Throughout this course I gained a clear and in-depth understanding of four of the main pillars of HR.In addition the sessions were interactive with plenty of discussions and group exercises.I would definitely recommend this course.
    M. Mallia (October 2018)
  • The course lecturers were brilliant combining theory and practices and the notes provided were helpful both as reading material and also for the assignment. The lecturers brought with them years of experience and knowledge and answered all our queries with depth.The lecture rooms are modern and bright with all the necessary facilities even for coffee breaks.
    J. Vassallo (October 2018)
  • The topics covered were very good. Explanations were always supported with relevant and practical examples. The lecturers were experts in their respective fields and knew what they were talking about. It was not just about delivering a lecture, it was an ongoing discussion. We all had the opportunity to discuss matters confidently and put forward our thoughts and concerns. Lecturers were very helpful throughout.
    C. Cachia (April 2018)
  • I have completed the HR and people management course and currently doing the management course. I have found Lead tutors to be very professional and highly skilled to give lectures and make each session interesting and a pleasure to be in. I highly recommend their services and I am looking forward to do more courses in the future with them.
    N. Axiak,
    Identity Malta (February 2018)
  • It has truly been a pleasurable experience going through this course. Lessons where very interesting especially the interactive ones.
    It has proved that there is surely a lot to learn always. Thank you for the opportunity and the excellent organisation.
    S. Cuschieri,
    EnergyCasino Ltd (October 2017)
  • Thank you very much!!! The course structure is very good, it takes you gradually trough all aspects of modern HR.
    I have to say that the best tutors without the doubt were Mr Grech and Mr Azzopardi, you rarely see such passionate and dedicated tutors as these two gentlemen. I will definitely recommend it.
    H. Gore
    Glooxy Plus (October 2017)
  • I was looking for a course with an edge until I was introduced to Lead Training Services. The course was well presented and very engaging offering a vast array of fresh ideas an knowledge. Furthermore upon completion of the course I was introduced to a world of new prospects for my career. I highly recommend their courses.
    S. Dingli,
    Maltapost (October 2017)
  • Great experience at lead training centre while doing the course for HR and great teaching and also helped me alot in my current job and for my future …would defintley come again for another course Worth every penny 😊
    V.Vella (October 2017)
  • I am very satisfied with the organisation, delivery and outcome of the course, as it helped me acquire the desired knowledge of the main activities and functions of HR.
    I. Scicluna (October 2017)
  • Recently I applied for the ‘Award in HR and People Management’ course. It was a good experience and all lessons were well explained. The students had time to ask questions and interact with each other during lessons.
    A. Lia,
    NetEnt Malta Ltd
  • I have attended the award in human resources and people management training program and must say that it was a well organised and well delivered training. Tutors addressing the different modules were all very well prepared and helpful. All modules were very interesting and explained in the best way.
    C. Zerafa

Course Funding Options

For Individuals

    Candidates can benefit from a 70% rebate of the course fee via tax credit. Get Qualified is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry.

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