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Certificate in Payroll and Employment Administration

MQF Level 5 CPD Award
Starting: 14th February 2022

The Certificate in Payroll and Employment Administration is designed to assist participants in gaining essential payroll and HR administration knowledge for kick starting their career in HR administration. It is also a useful course for existing payroll professionals to expand and update their knowledge in the subject matter.

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Accreditation and MQF level

NCFHE Logo - Lead Training Services MaltaA CPD Award accredited with 4 ECTS credits (MQF Level 5) by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) in Payroll and Employment Administration will be presented to delegates who obtain a minimum pass in the relative assignment.

Course Duration

4 modules spread over 8 evening sessions.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for this course are a minimum of 2 A Levels or equivalent MQF Level 4 qualifications OR minimum of 2 years working within business administration.

Course Delivery Mode – Live Webinars

This course will be delivered via live online webinars.  The course trainers will be visible on screen via a professional webinar platform through which students can follow the trainer presenting live whilst also using a powerpoint presentation and sharing other resources as necessary.  Students will be able to interact with the trainer by sending questions or comments through the same webinar platform.  Our student support team will assist all students with simple instructions on how to access the webinar online.  A support line will also be made available to communicate with a student support officer in case of technical difficulties encountered during the live webinar.

All webinars will also be recorded and uploaded on the student online resources portal for future reference during home study.  Trainers will also dedicate very regular Q & A times during the webinar to ensure all students can have the chance to ask questions and reach the intended learning objectives.  The email and contact details of the trainer will also be made available in case students would wish to get in touch with the trainer throughout the course period.

Short 10 minute breaks will be given during the webinar.

Maximum Number of Participants

Places for this course are limited to 25 delegates on first come first serve basis.

Course Dates

Modules Dates Time
Module 1 – Introduction to Payroll and Employment Administration 14/02, 21/02 1730-2030
Module 2 – Payroll Related Tax & NI Contribution Matters 28/02, 07/03 1730-2030
14/03 1730-1930
Module 3 – Payroll Accounting and Control 21/03, 28/03 1730-2030
Module 4 – Essentials of Employment Law 04/04, 11/04 1730-2030

Please note that as per terms and conditions, LEAD Training Services reserves the right to alter course dates, times and venue in exceptional circumstances beyond its control.

Course Outline



  • I am so happy that I have attended your course, and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all successful candidates and to send my gratitude to all lecturers. Thanks for good teaching and for your professionalism in explaining all, I am looking forward to continue my education on level 7. Wish you all good health and to continue with great courses.
    T, Brzakovic, October 2021
  • Really enjoyed attending this course. Very informative and excellent tutors. Thank you!
    M. Cassar, October 2021
  • Having the possibility to attend online made the course more flexible and achievable. The course content addressed practical situations especially when it addressed real scenarios and the tutor went that extra mile to link the material to be covered with examples.
    A.P. Muscat, October 2021
  • The course was organized very well and the lectures were presented in an excellent way. The lecturers were very prepared and used practical examples to illustrate the theoretical parts. The course definitely exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.
    M. Cauchi, June 2021
  • I had decided to further my knowledge in Payroll and Administration of Employment, and I can honestly say I could have note chosen a better training academy. I am very satisfied and will for sure be back for further courses in the future! Highly recommended.
    Y. Crane, June 2021
  • This course helps us first of all to know our rights, so it should not be followed only by those who work in payroll or HR. Thank you LEAD for the opportunity to meet and learn from these super professional tutors!
    M. Alexandru, February 2021
  • Very pleased with the courses offered. Online lessons were done professionally.
    J. Micallef, February 2021
  • Very satisfied with this course, the lecturers are truly professional and dedicated. Many resources were available online and lectures were very informative. Would definitely recommend to anyone pursuing a career in Payroll/HR sector.
    J. Muscat, October 2020
  • It was a challenge to hold and follow such a course online however, everything went smoothly. The lecturers are very helpful, material provided is excellent and always updated and possibly, the most relevant course to the area. I would definitely suggest to anyone interested!
    Y. Montfort, October 2020
  • I had a great time in the course. Good quality of performing from the side of professors. In every module, I learned a lot from each professor, they are experts. Very professional.
    Also, Nevise is professional, she was always there to answer all my questions, to give support and to send an on-time reminder for our sessions.
    N. Petrovic, October 2020
  • My journey at Lead went by alongside my course at university, I thought I would never be able to juggle both. The tutors were all very knowledgeable about the subjects they taught. I am very interested in taking up other courses at lead to enhance my knowledge in the my field of study. I would not have obtained the grade I did without the help of the tutors, their guidance and weekly lectures that started face-to-face and moved online due to covid.
    J. Tonna, September 2020
  • Very happy with course. Professors are great, trying to explain and cover as much as possible. Will take some more courses for sure!
    J. Trajkovic, February 2020
  • Tutors were very knowledgeable about the subjects being catered for. Material was covered thoroughly and any queries from the students were discussed & dealt with to satisfaction.
    N. Micallef, July 2019
  • Lead Training has amazing courses! The lecturers are really helpful. I truly had fun attending to the course of Payroll and Administration. It was very informative and I learned a lot thanks to them. The notes were excellent. I truly found Lead Training a fruitful experience. Well done to everyone and keep it up!
    C. Maria Grech, July 2019
  • This course was very informative & interesting. Tutors were all very helpful & catered for all our individual questions. Venue is central and easy to access. Will definitely consider to do another course with LEAD. Thank you.
    G. Bondin, March 2019
  • I attended this course to give me a solid basic knowledge on payroll and to be a recognised as a Payroll Officer, since I have been working in this field for a few years and this course was the perfect option. The course gives you a very good understanding and knowledge on all features relating to payroll, employment, and its administration. The venue and the time of the course were advantageous for persons with a full time job like myself. Lecturers were very helpful and answered to all our questions even when asked on topics not directly related to the topic of the lessons being delivered. Big thanks and well done.
    G. Stellini, March 2019
  • Thanks for providing me this course. I really enjoyed the lessons and appreciated all of the teachers who spent time to teach and explained to us. Powerful certificate with absolutely useful knowledge for better career. I will recommend this course to other people.
    N. Debono,
    Baxter Healthcare Corporation. February 2019
  • This course was very helpful and well organised. Lecturers were very professional and pointed out all aspects of Payroll and Employment Law. LEAD Training Services – highly recommended!
    K. Caruana, October 2018
  • I attended the course that leads to the Certificate in Payroll and Employment Administration organised by LEAD Training Services. My objective was to enhance my knowledge in the subject and to further help me in my job as HR Administration Executive. Following the course I can confidently state that I have attained all my goals with satisfaction. I recommend this course to all those who seek a career in Payroll and Employment Administration.
    J. Avellino
    APEX Group Ltd., October 2017
  • It was a great course, well organised, good teachers. Keep it up!
    D. Schurter, October 2017
  • This course helped me update myself on payroll regulations.
    M. Vella, October 2017
  • The course was very helpful to me in every way. All modules were helpful for Payroll system management especially the accounting and law parts which I found the most helpful. All lecturers were friendly and all modules were explained very well.
    I appreciate time spent at this course and I would highly recommend it.
    A. Simordova, October 2017
  • An excellent course which enhanced my experience. Lecturers were extremely diligent and pin pointed all aspects of Payroll related matter. LEAD is highly recommended. Anneliza was very helpful throughout.
    R. Fenech, February 2017

Course Funding Options

For Individuals

    Candidates can benefit from a 70% rebate of the course fee via tax credit. Get Qualified is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry.

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    Eligible candidates satisyfing a list of criteria can benefit from a 75% rebate on direct training cost.

    Learn more about this scheme »

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