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Investing in Skills Funding Scheme

“Investing in Skills” is a scheme co-financed through the European Social Fund (ESF), the Maltese Government and the Beneficiary. Through this scheme, employers have the opportunity to get back a significant percentage of the costs that would have been incurred in any employee’s professional development via training. The ‘Investing in Skills’ scheme was launched to promote the training of persons actively participating in the Maltese Labour Market, with the aim to increase productivity and enhance adaptability.

All training aid is capped to 8 hours per day to a maximum of 40 hours per week with a maximum of 15 trainees for the same training allowed to be part of this scheme.

Reimbursement is calculated on the hours listed on certified attendance sheets, when using the standard scale of €25.70c per trainee per hour of the course. If the course happens during working hours, the scheme provides an additional standard scale of unit cost of €5.15c per trainee per hour. The subsidy for wage costs has been extended to training that is held by distance learning or online.

What will the company get?

Training Aid Intensity refers to the aid amount expressed as a percentage of the training programme’s eligible costs.

The proportion will vary according to the size of the undertaking (Large, Medium, Small or Micro) as indicated below.

The Co-financing rate will be applied on the total eligible cost. The size of an undertaking determines the level of assistance which is established by staff headcount and financial thresholds as explained below:

SME Definition Aid Intensity
Large: Number of employees exceeds 250 people 50%
Medium: Number of employees not exceeding 250 people and annual turnover not exceeding €50 million and/or annual balance sheet not exceeding €43 million 60%

Small: Number of employees not exceeding 50 people and annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet not exceeding €10 million

Micro: Less than 10 people employed and annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet not exceeding €2 million


How does it work?

The applicant must fill in the application form on the JobsPlus website complete with all relevant details and documents. Original applications must be received by the Investing in Skills Unit within 21 calendar days before the start date of training.

Refund in relation to this CPD Award Course

Via the Investing in Skills scheme, you will get back by way of refund (per attendee) as per the table below, depending on the size of the company:

Course Title Duration (Hrs) Large Company (€ per employee) Medium Company (€ per employee) Small/Micro Company (€ per employee)
Award In Business Presentation Skills 10 154.25c 185.10c 215.95c
Award In Public Relation Skills 10 154.25c 185.10c 215.95c
Award In Selling And Negotiation Skills 10 154.25c 185.10c 215.95c
Award In Effective Customer Skills 10 154.25c 185.10c 215.95c
Award In Train The Trainer 10 154.25c 185.10c 215.95c
Award In Supervisory And Management Skills 10 154.25c 185.10c 215.95c
Award In Training Needs Analysis 10 154.25c 185.10c 215.95c
Award In Coaching Skills 10 154.25c 185.10c 215.95c
Award In Business English 10 154.25c 185.10c 215.95c
Award In Excel Core Training Intermediate 7 107.97c 129.57c 151.16c
Award In Excel Expert Training Advanced 7 107.97c 129.57c 151.16c

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We are a team of specialists passionate about our work and with a common ambition to share learning experiences with people in the business community and civil society.

Under the brand name LEAD Training Services, our team has attracted an impressive pool of professional trainers from different areas of business.

This makes us the only professional training organisation in Malta that can offer cutting edge training programmes across a broad spectrum of topics. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all training programmes and in line with our belief we customise our programmes to our individual customer’s needs.

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2.     They are short courses. Sometimes, the best way to learn, is by getting to the gist of it. These courses are 7 to 10 hours long but well informative, split over 3 mornings, in order to give you enough time to balance your work schedule, while investing in your continuous professional development.

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