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Precision Interviewing Skills

Starting: 12th September 2024

Modules Dates Time
Precision Interviewing Skills 12/09, 19/09 17:30 – 20:30

Trainer: James Ashton

In collaboration with:


This module will enable the learner to

  • Define the role of the interview in the context of the larger Human Resources value chain and the talent cycle
  • Describe the context of organisational assessment and the function of the management interview
  • Identify how an organisation’s brand is best portrayed in an interview
  • List issues of bias and prejudice and name the ten areas where interview bias most occurs
  • Describe the process of developing comprehensive job profiles for use in interviewing
  • Describe various performance derailers and how to assess these in an interview
  • List signs that a candidate is lying or manipulating the truth
  • Describe a method for developing interview questionnaires
  • Define the importance of in-depth probing in an interview
  • Describe how to rate candidates in an interview
  • Describe how to compare candidates using a rating matrix
  • Define how to translate their recruitment and interviewing process into a system-driven process

Course Delivery Mode – Live Webinars

This course will be delivered via live online webinars.  The course trainers will be visible on screen via a professional webinar platform through which students can follow the trainer presenting live whilst also using a powerpoint presentation and sharing other resources as necessary.  Students will be able to interact with the trainer by sending questions or comments through the same webinar platform.  Our student support team will assist all students with simple instructions on how to access the webinar online.  A support line will also be made available to communicate with a student support officer in case of technical difficulties encountered during the live webinar.

All webinars will also be recorded and uploaded on the student online resources portal for future reference during home study.  Trainers will also dedicate very regular Q & A times during the webinar to ensure all students can have the chance to ask questions and reach the intended learning objectives.  The email and contact details of the trainer will also be made available in case students would wish to get in touch with the trainer throughout the course period.


Please note:
This is a singular module which forms part of a larger qualification course.

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